Global Market Analytics for Electrified Shopping Experiences

Futurism Technologies’ end-to-end Data Analytics services ensure that an ecommerce website offers brilliant user experience.

Best practices related to data management as well as digital marketing are adhered to by Cogent Web Apps.

We do a health check of your business and align your products and processes according to industry best practices.

This helps you surpass the most successful organizations in your industry.

  • Data Analytics Services

    Our data Analytics services include a variety of sub-services, which are designed to improve overall business health. By not developing the website in isolation, we integrate all the factors needed to realize business goals. Our data Analytics services are divided into two broad categories:

    1. Data Management

    This service is used to pull data from various sources and formats in a unified format. This data is then analyzed and categorized in an optimized manner. In this process, infinite amount of data can be easily managed by us. This service includes:

    • Data migration
    • Data Analytics
    • Data categorization
    • Adding attributes like product details including specifications and prices
    • Streamlining the content to make it manageable (backend) and discoverable (front end)
  • 2. Web Analytics

    Deep insightful research and Analytics provides website developers and marketing experts with the right tools to create an unbeatable shopping experience. We provide end-to-end technical services and integrate marketing strategies at the inception itself to ensure a single-minded uniform approach for all business functions. This gives our clients a competitive edge.

    • Competitive Analytics for Price Management Data is manipulated and added to the website to ensure optimized user experience. Thorough research is then conducted for each product. Prices of similar products being sold globally are ascertained. Pricing structure and placement of each product is decided based on this research. Global product performance is tracked and this information is used to present and price products to make definitive sales. No matter how vast the inventory, research is conducted for every product in the Client’s inventory.
    • Intelligently Designed Product Categories Dynamic product categories are included that have been statistically proven to work for a particular audience. This makes it easily discoverable, generates interest, and pushes a sale – time after time.
    • Analytical Code Embedding All relevant analytical codes for the purpose of tracking user behavior are integrated into your website. Done at the ground level, this ensures thorough coverage with reduced chances of errors. Additionally, having implemented immediately, analytical information is available from the initial stages itself. Collated information is then presented to the client for better business decision making.
  • Why Opt for Cogent Web Apps Data Analytics Services

    • Technology driven digitalized information exchange
    • Trusted outsourcing partner
    • Deep domain expertise
    • Solution driven business support
    • Data relation and product mapping
    • We analyse hidden behavioural patterns that help in making better business decisions that have a positive impact on the target audience and revenue
  • Challenges We Resolve

    • Complex business challenges
    • Consideration of external and internal attributes of a business
    • Purchasing and cross-channel triggers
    • Strategic allocation of products in an online catalog

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